Thank you for considering Doolittles Woodfire Grill for your special event!

We would be honored to host your event and will provide personalized
service to make your event memorable for all of your special guests!





Our staff will be happy to plan a personalized menu with you for any party size 15 or greater.  For parties of 20 or more, we require a custom menu for your event.  Menu Selections must be submitted 2 weeks prior and a final guest count 72 hours prior to your event.  Minnesota Health Department regulations require that all food and beverage consumed on the premises be prepared by Doolittles.


We offer a full bar & wine selection with a variety of serving options:

  •     Full host:  Any and all beverages hosted
  •     Partial host:  A variety of options may be chosen specific to your needs
  •     Cash bar:  All beverages available at the expense of the guest ordering

We have space available for private or semi-private reservations, depending upon space and availability at the time of your reservation.

Semi-Private:  When a room is booked for a Semi-Private Party, it means that other guests not associated with your party may be seated and served in the same room.  There is no minimum for a Semi-Private reservation.

Private:  A Private Room reservation means that the room is set aside for your party only.  For a Private Room there is a room minimum if reserved during peak dining periods.  A room minimum includes food and alcohol, including discounts.  Gift Cards are not eligible to meet room minimum requirements.  The room minimum is based on the net subtotal, excluding tax and gratuity.  A 25% deposit is required with the reservation of a Private Room and is refundable up to 72 hours prior to the event.  Room minimums will be discussed if they apply.

Each location has different configurations for large party reservations:

Private Room:  Fireplace Room, up to 80 guests, available between 2:00 & 4:30, or after 8:00 pm
Semi Private:  Atrium, up to 20 guests, available between 2:00 & 4:30, or after 8:00 pm

Private Room:  Fireplace Room, seats up to 35-40 guests
Semi Private:  South Dining, seats up to 30 guests; Bar Area, seats up to 25 guests

Semi Private:  North Dining Room, seats 22-40 guests

Private Room:  Fireplace Room, seats up to 42 guests, Sunday-Thursday, non-peak times
Semi Private:  Main Dining Room, seats up to 20 guests, Sunday-Thursday, non-peak times

Private Room:  Fireplace Room, seats up to 50 guests
Semi Private:  Main Dining Room, seats up to 100 guests, Bar Area seats 12-20 guests

Our staff will be happy to assist you with the placement of your decorations and signage prior to your event.  To avoid damage, please do not use nails, staples, tacks or any type of adhesive.  Please do not use confetti or glitter.

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